Friday, June 15, 2012

From Runnerchik to Yogachik - Conquering Triangle

Ha! TWO posts in the SAME month?!!? Runnerchik must have some extra time on her hands...

Summer school can be a killer but the good part is I only work Monday - Thursday instead of Monday - Friday. Loving my Fridays OFF! So I thought I would do some catching up (the story of my life) on what's been going on.

My daughter and I are still doing our Bikram Yoga Challenge at and loving every minute of it. OK. Maybe not every minute but almost every minute. :) Some days are very hectic because of school (I'm teaching and she's taking college classes) and then of course there is life to handle and take care of. I miss logging my miles but with teaching and doing yoga for 1.5 hours every day, there is not much time left in the schedule. We take each day and handle it as it comes, keeping the goal in mind. I am so very proud of my daughter for committing to this challenge and not giving up. Her determination to do this reminds me of her determination to train and run CIM ( last December. This girl is going to do just fine. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and I cannot wait to see the things she will accomplish in her life. Even with the challenges that come up throughout the week, we both have managed to keep up with the rigorous schedule of taking a 1.5 hour Bikram class 6 days a week.

The physical and mental changes that have occurred in just 30 days have been fantastic! Stephanie's back bends are phenomenal and my right hamstring is getting better everyday. Several poses I could not do previously, I can now do and HOLD for the full required minute. My balance and flexibility has improved and so has my strength, which have helped improve my running. One of the MOST challenging poses for me has always been triangle, precisely because of my torn hamstring. Sometimes it felt like running made it worse and then sometimes when I would do yoga consistently it felt like I was tearing it even more. I have always backed off a little each time that happened and that way have always been able to continue doing what I love: working out. This time around even though it still hurt, I kept at it. Somewhere along the line it just stopped hurting and I was able to do both sets of TRIANGLE without coming out. Feeling like a ROCKSTAR!! I have to say TRIANGLE POSE ROCKS!!

33 days down and 27 more days to go in the Bikram Yoga Challenge and then I will be training for Tough Mudder ( and Ragnar Relay ( both happening in the month of September and two weeks apart. Ha! We'll see how this Runnerchik survives... LOTS of running coming up in my schedule as soon as I finish the yoga challenge.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the summer and my H O T Yoga. :) It's going to be 93 degrees today and 104 degrees tomorrow. Can't wait! These are the days to train life a fiend, mow lawns, and then lounge by the pool. All of these are on my To-Do-List....

I'm thinking of skipping yoga tonight and going for a run instead. This means I'll have to do double classes to catch, but I think it just might be worth it.... more on that later. :)

Have you gone for a run lately?

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