Friday, November 30, 2007

Gentlemen, start your engines....

This will be quick as I'm headed out the door again....

San Diego was a blast! The best time ever!!! I went for my last run (eight miles) and it was cool to actually run on several of the streets where I ran San Diego Rock 'n Roll. The weather was great of course and it was hard to come back to northern California and run in 40 degree temperatures. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious at the Handerly Hotel and being with the team the whole weekend was an experience I will never forget. Unfortunately the boys lost the tournament and that of course was hard on them. They'll get 'em next time. They are a great group of boys (see attached photos).
On the way home we stopped in Hollywood to allow Hendrick (yellow shirt) to sightsee a bit before heading back to Germany later next year. Cesar also took me to the Walk of Fame as I had never been and we took some great photos there. We also went to the Kodak Theatre and to the Chinese Theatre. We managed to make it out of town before the yearly Christmas Parade got underway thereby missing all that traffic.

CIM is less than 2 days away and I am ready. Nothing more to say really. I have had a great time training and have prepared myself for this event. Now all I need to do is go out and prove to myself that I can do it. I am not anticipating the cold (starting temps will be in the low 30's) but I know that from my experience last year, I will warm up by mile 10 or so. I have watched my diet and have hydrated well so I am confident in that area.

I've got lots of cheerleaders this year and that is an added bonus. I will be looking for all of you.

Betty, thanks for taking the girls - you know Vanessa only wants you for your car right? Thank you also for your support!

Jake, so glad you have moved up our way... you won't regret it... can't wait to see you again. We'll definitely have to go shopping.

My beautiful girls, I am so glad you will be cheering for me along the way. Thanks for taking pictures Steph!

Cesar ... words cannot express what your support means to me .... Can't wait to see you along the course but mostly at the finish line ... I am sure your pictures will be amazing!!!

Mom and Dad, KCRA 3 Channel News .... I'll be wearing green .... I'll be thinking of you sitting in your comfortable recliners ....

Stay tuned ... results will be in soon ....

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Linda said...

I have searched the runners for a sight of you but so far I have found you. I know your there amoung all the 6,000 who have the courage to do this Marathon. We are there with you; even it is only in spirit.
Let there be wings on your feet today.