Monday, August 6, 2007

Training Day Success

CAUTION!!!! If you are the sort of person that gets easily grossed out you might want to navigate away from this blog....
The above picture is a huge blister on my pinkie toe of my right foot. This is the same foot where I had the injury on the ball of my foot. This foot just can't seem to get a break. The date on the photo is wrong because my camera was messed up but it was taken yesterday August 5th. It will pop soon, I'm sure. This is nothing.......... it doesn't even compare to all the toenails I have lost; some of which have still not grown back ..........What can I say? It's a day in the life of a runner ......

First training day is over and I am pleased with the results. I ran from my house to the bicycle shop 4 miles away (Nike + helps me keep track) and picked up my bike then rode my bike back home. The first half mile I aready felt the pain coming back and that awful burning sensation in the ball of my foot. I knew it would happen only because the injury is too recent but I held on and eventually the burning subsided. The pain was still there but at least it wasn't on fire. I wore two pair of socks today and I liked the added comfort. I am going to look for some Woolsmart running socks the next time I am at Sports Basement or REI. The Woolsmart hiking ones are fantastic and do an amazing job of not only cushioning the foot but also absorbing the moisture. The running ones I have seen appear to do the same.

I kept a 9:50 pace the whole time and I am definitely pleased with that considering the recent injury.

I have inquired about running clubs around here and unfortunately it is the same as it has always been. There are groups training first-time runners for half marathons and full marathons but no groups for runners seeking to improve their time for a fifth + marathon. I need to kick it up a notch and I may need a coach to do that. Question is: Where do find one? Modesto has some awesome training groups but I did that last year and the 45 min. + commute to get there got old very quickly. Now, with the added gasoline expense it just isn't worth it.

So......... in the meantime I will follow Jeff Galloway's marathon training guide and see how I progress.

I have no running events in August and my first running event will be September 3rd when I do Disneyland Half Marathon with Ben. At the end of September I will be doing the marathon relay with Melanie in Tahoe. I have nothing planned for October or November yet. Stay tuned ...

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