Monday, August 6, 2007

Training Day

It's Monday August 6th and training day has finally arrived. This past week has seemed long and not running for a whole week to recuperate from the SF Marathon has been hard. Smart but hard. Today I will go out and see how the foot feels and come back only if it hurts. CIM (California International Marathon) is four months away and I plan on making every run count. I am currently running alone (no coach or team) and while I do not have trouble staying motivated, I do seem to have trouble bumping it up to the next level. Major difference this time around is that I will take one day a week to train on the track. I did no track work for San Diego Rock 'n Roll and while I finished in 4:33 I know I could have done better had I maintained the track training I did for SF Nike Women's Marathon (10/2006). Stay tuned for today's run.

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